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Keyboard Shortcuts

shortcut description
ctrl/cmd/shift + enter build (recompile) the code
ctrl/cmd + S save the current animation
ctrl/cmd + F find within the code.
ctrl/cmd + G find the next match.
ctrl/cmd + / Comment/un-comment code.
Tab (with code selected) indent code.
shift + tab dedent code.
space play/pause
left arrow/ right arrow move forward/backward 0.1 seconds
,/. move forward/backward 1/60 of a second
0, 1, …, 9 move to 0%, 10%, … 90% through the animation
backspace/delete delete the selecte transition in the animation timeline

As well as the above shortcuts, there are UI helpers for selecting values. These appear when clicking on a float, vec2, or vec3 variable value.

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