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Coding Specification

Every animation must define a mainImage function with the following signature:

void mainImage(out vec4 fragColor, in vec2 fragCoord) {
  fragColor.rgb = vec3(1., 0., 0.);

(This is the same as Shadertoy shaders.)

Input Uniforms

Animations may also use any of the following input variables (uniforms):

variable description
int iFrame The index of the current frame.
float iTime The time into the animation that the current frame is being rendered at.
sampler2D iPrevFrame The contents of the previously rendered frame.
vec2 iResolution The resolution of the frame being rendered in pixels.
float iDuration The total duration of the animation in seconds.
sampler2D iTexture0 etc. The contents of the textures.
float iFloat0 etc. The value of the animated parameters, controlled by the animation timeline.

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